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Iolo the Bard: Part 3

The three principal uses of all things in the hands of God: that they should be with a view to the greatest need; to the greatest utility; and to the greatest love.
Barddas: Theological Triads

“Hengwrt Library I am afraid has been too much pillaged to have anything curious in it”.
Walter Davies in a letter to his friend William Owen Pughe in London, 1800.

The myth of a place is the narrative that gives it identity. The story is a mixture of truth and untruth; it is in quantum space: to observe it too closely is to destroy it. The identity that derives from it is real, but fragile.
Lean Logic: Myth

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Druids on the Silk Road

The folks behind the Balkan Celts blog recently posted a very, very interesting article: The Celtic Buddha.

The post discusses a stucco head discovered at an archaeological site in eastern Afghanistan. It represents a Celtic man, and is believed to have been sculpted from life – in other words, the artist knew a Celtic man who was on-site. In Afghanistan, possibly in the late Hellenistic age (when the area was conquered and settled by the armies of Alexander the Great), or possibly later, in the early Christian era.