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The Fair Folk and the Jinn

I recently subscribed to John Beckett‘s ‘Under the Ancient Oaks’ newsletter, and was very interested to see a link to a Spirit Box podcast by Darragh Mason Field. Darragh is an award-winning photographer, who has – amongst other things – taken a lot of photos of sites associated with Jinn.

In his podcast, Darragh discusses “Folklore, Magick and the Spirit World’; two of the episodes discuss the similarities between the Irish Sidhe and the Jinn of the Middle East.

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Druidic Science, Elvish ears, and the religion of slugs

The three principal sciences of man: sciences respecting God; to know what he is himself; and to know the tendency of species and nature. From these three all other laudable sciences inevitably spring.
Barddas: The Triads of St. Paul.

Druidry in the Welsh tradition is not incompatible with science; indeed, the support and furthering of science is a fundamental part of our tradition.