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Druids on the Silk Road

The folks behind the Balkan Celts blog recently posted a very, very interesting article: The Celtic Buddha.

The post discusses a stucco head discovered at an archaeological site in eastern Afghanistan. It represents a Celtic man, and is believed to have been sculpted from life – in other words, the artist knew a Celtic man who was on-site. In Afghanistan, possibly in the late Hellenistic age (when the area was conquered and settled by the armies of Alexander the Great), or possibly later, in the early Christian era.

Annwn Gwyddno Garanhir Gwyn ap Nudd Tylwyth Teg

Gwyn ap Nudd: horror has a face

And [Gwyn] captured Pen son of Nethog, and Nwython, and Cyledr Wyllt his son, and he killed Nwython, and forced Cyledr to eat his father’s heart, and because of that Cyledr went mad.
(The Mabinogion, translated by Sioned Davies, p209)

There is a truth that needs to be understood about Gwyn ap Nudd, and it is not a comforting truth.