Gwyn ap Nudd

When I decided to start blogging, I had no plans to write about Gwyn ap Nudd. In fact, I had quite a list of things that I wanted to write about, on other topics. Gwyn had other ideas, though: he filled my waking moments with the story he wanted told, and gave me no rest until I had told it.

What is that story? It is a terrifying truth. Gwyn ap Nudd maintains the balance between the People of Wood (the Forests), the People of Fire (the Tylwyth Teg/the Fair Folk), and the People of Earth (humanity).

In the distant past, there was war between the Tylwyth and humans; Gwyn’s father discovered how to destroy the Fair Folk, and Gwyn has used that knowledge to keep them in check, so that they do not destroy humanity.

Now it is humanity that is dominant, and which is destroying the Forests and the Fair Folk, and Gwyn must act to stop us. He is doing this by clouding our minds and driving us mad.

This series of posts is intended to be read in sequence. It explains who Gwyn is, and his connection with the three peoples. It goes on to explain the nature of the Forest, and to discuss the origins and nature of the Fair Folk in Britain. It ends up by explaining how and why Gwyn is now defending them against us – and what we can do to be given his protection.


  1. Why Gwyn ap Nudd rules the Tylwyth Teg.
  2. The Colours of Magic.
  3. Gwyn ap Nudd and the Burning Tree.
  4. The British Forests.
  5. The Wakeful Forest.
  6. Gwyn ap Nudd and the Forest.
  7. Gwyn ap Nudd and the people of fire.
  8. Gwyn ap Nudd: horror has a face.
  9. Gwyn ap Nudd: There Will Be Mercy.
  10. The bull of battle, the son of mist, stargazing prince of the summits.