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Talking Heads

In this post I am claiming a world first. I make a connection that, having searched online, I can’t find anyone else making. What is it? Find out below…

Now, I have music on my mind…. so bear with me as I dive down the rabbit hole…

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The Children of Annwn

As with many of the religions of Asia, Druidry – in the Welsh tradition, at least – is a karmic religion, believing in spiritual progress via reincarnation.

Going into the details of this is for another post, but I’ve excerpted some key concepts from Barddas here.

In brief: souls emerge from the cauldron of Annwn, the source of all things. Over countless reincarnations, the spirit experiences all things, learns all things, and eventually transcends the flesh that it no longer needs – not as the end of the journey, but as the beginning of a new stage.