This blog is me thinking aloud – exploring concepts, making connections, expanding my understanding of Druidry. Hopefully people will find things here of interest, and comment, and then a conversation can develop!

To put that in more context: I came to Druidry after being actively Buddhist for a good many years. I was also on the fringes of traditional Chinese folk Daoism, in which ancient Chinese gods possess their priests in just the same way that the better-known (to Westerners) gods of the Afro-Caribbean religions possess theirs. This convinced me that the gods are real; that they are active in the world, and that in many parts of the world they are a part of daily life. A brush with one particular deity, though, woke me up to the reality that those Chinese gods are not my gods; they belong to a culture, and a belief system, that is not my own.

I had been aware of OBOD for many, many years, and I eventually enrolled. As I progressed through the Bardic grade, I started to sense the presence of the old Gods of the Welsh.

What I am trying to do in these pages is establish a framework based on the Welsh corpus. It is my belief the the legends preserved in Wales, anchored in the inspired vision of Iolo Morganwg, comprise a powerful value system: one that provides a way to understand the world and our role in it; a guide to a meaningful life and how to live. It believes that the ancient Gods of the Welsh endure, and are becoming active once again.

This system is internally consistent, and firmly rooted in the traditional culture of the Cymry – the Welsh. It is not a grab-bag of elements patched together from disparate cultures.

This system is not for everyone, nor does it claim, or wish to be. It’s open to anybody, regardless of background, if they find it helpful. It doesn’t seek to deny to validity of any other path. Nobody has to read this; if they read it and it doesn’t appeal, fair enough. It’s a Welsh Druidry, and there we are.

As for me…

I’m from Wales, and speak Welsh.

I work in Beijing for a consulting company who are in no way whatsoever responsible for, or connected with, any views expressed or anything else written here.

My handle is Russian, it means something like “Knight Errant”. I lived in Russia for a while; it’s a wonderful country. I’ve also lived in Singapore and Lesotho.

I’m a member of the Ovate Grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.

The photograph I have used for the blog’s header is Starry Night at Paranal from Flickr by user esoastronomy. Used under a Creative Commons license. My avatar is Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber, by Ivan Bilibin, which is in the public domain.

On that note: all images that I use on this blog are either in the public domain, or have been specifically released for re-use under a Creative Commons licence. The credits for each photo, along with appropriate links to the source, the creator, and the licence, are given at the end of each post. If you are the creator of an image and you would like me to remove it, please leave a comment below, and I will do so.