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The Wheel Turns

It’s New Year’s Day, and I haven’t written anything here for months. The key word there is “here”: I’ve been writing a lot elsewhere. I would like to say “I have been writing a book”, but that isn’t how it’s been working out. Rather, I can only say “A book has been using me to get itself written”.

It’s been quite an experience. It’s been weeks of waking up at 4am with ideas and insights buzzing in my brain, getting up to start typing, and still being in my pyjamas, typing away, hours later. It isn’t simply the Awen flowing; it’s been weird coincidence after weird coincidence after weird coincidence, as I discovered old books that happened to give a key piece of information on the first page I opened… time after time, after time… I’ve lost count of how many times it’s happened now.

Sadly, the book will never be a bestseller. It’s very specific, and I doubt that more than a couple of dozen people will ever want to read it – but, for those people, it will be important. Now it’s almost done; I have one chapter to complete, and then I’ll start the process of self-publishing on Amazon.

A number of significant projects that I took on for 2021 are reaching completion. The year that’s just ended was, for me, a period of being a chrysalis: hidden away from the world, undergoing a transformation. Soon, I hope, I’ll be able to crack open my cocoon, and I’ll see if I can fly….

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