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Casting the Coelbren for 2022

As today is the first day of the year, I decided to follow John Beckett’s example, and conduct a divination for 2022 using the question “What does the new year hold for me and mine?”. As he says, the closer you are to me, the more this will apply to you and, since you are reading this, there is at least a weak connection.

I conducted the divination using the Coelbren of the Bards; specifically, using the Council of the Voices.

First of the six is the advice of the Bards. The Bards are concerned with poetry and language, with culture, and with the continuity between generations. They are concerned with genealogy, and with one’s place in family and clan. They are concerned with peace, and with diplomacy, and with relations between different peoples. Their advice is this: “U”

This is a time when you must act sincerely, and with profound inner seriousness. In this year, you must remember you obligations to your community, and to the Gods. You must strive to maintain harmony, regardless of the challenges which arise. Be composed, and reverent, and do not speak unless absolutely necessary.

The second voice is that of the Ovates, who are responsible for scientific enquiry and the expansion of human understanding of the world we live in. They say “Lli”:

A great change is coming. All that which is, will be washed away. This change will be alike to the Lake of Llion, which absorbed all incoming tides without visible change but which, at the ebb of the tide, swelled up like a mountain and washed away all beneath it. To survive, the people will need to be united, clear in their vision, and inspired by their vision.

The third voice is that of the Druids. To become a Druid, one must first be an experienced Bard, and thus experienced in the ways of human behaviour. The Druids build on this knowledge to interpret our relationship with the Gods, with the world, and hence to develop our rites and our laws. Like the Bards, they say “U”, reinforcing the need in the coming year for reverence of the Gods, and adherence to moral principles despite all offences.

The fourth voice is that of the Plant Annwn, the family of the Otherworld. They are the source of creation and inspiration, and of the Awen. They say “Li”:

The dam has been opened, and what will happen cannot be stopped from happening. The flood is coming and it cannot be stopped – but it can be channelled, and turned to productive ends. A clear mind can provide insight, and insight can be turned through action into productive results. Without insight, the flood will sweep you away.

The fifth voice is that of the Plant Dôn: the Children of Dôn. They are the family responsible for social behaviour, for technology, for administration and government. They are the family who make the existence of society possible. Their voice says “Mi”:

In the coming year, you must not try to lead; you must simply set an example. Inspire others by showing them what can be done. Seek acceptable compromise rather than victory; be magnaminous in victory should you achieve it. Remember that you serve a higher power, and seek to be the best that you can be.

The final voice is that of the Children of Llŷr, who teach us about enlightened leadership: about being a King who serves the well-being of his people above all. Their voice says “Ci”:

You must seek clarity of awareness. You face many obstacles, but these can be overcome through careful preparation. keep a clear mind, and remain resolute. Compromise where necessary but do not let go of your goals. Seek to make your vision a reality, but do not gloat if your vision overcomes those of others. Have faith. Be confident; the time of change will soon be over.

This makes a great deal of sense to me in my personal circumstances. I won’t try to make a general interpretation, though: you need to evaluate this in terms of your own life and circumstances.

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