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An exemplary life: Wilf Davies

I was rather moved by this profile in The Guardian of Wilf Davies, a farmer in west Wales.

It’s perhaps a bit unfortunate that the sub-editor focused on Wilf’s diet for the headline (Wilf eats exactly the same food every day, and has done so for years). Still, that’s the job of a sub-editor: to try to get people to read the article.

The journalist who actually wrote the piece, Kiran Sidhu, has, I think, actually written a beautiful piece about a life lived contentedly, in communion with nature, firmly rooted in a sense of community and service. 

Wilf Davies lives a life very different from the life most of us lead; it’s certainly different from the restless, nomadic life I’ve had. Now, though, as I turn my thoughts to spiritual development, and to Druidry, much of Wilf’s life seems admirable.

I very much doubt that Wilf is a Druid in any formal sense – but his life of humility, with a sense of wonder and awe for the nature surrounding him, and his down-to-earth love of family and community, seem to me to be an example to those of us who do call ourselves Druids.


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