On being inspired by Gwyn ap Nudd

I’ve recently been contemplating Gwyn ap Nudd, and my relationship with him. Unlike others such as Lorna Smithers, I have taken no vows and entered into no formal commitment. I am still exploring my relationship with the Gods of the Welsh and different gods, at different times, communicate things to me.

And yet, Gwyn ap Nudd’s voice has been the most insistent. Based on what he has told me, and which I conveyed in a series of posts on this blog, Gwyn is mobilising to restore balance to the world. Humanity has become too damaging to the world of nature, and to the forests – which are a part of his domain. Humanity has become too dangerous, and too damaging, to the Fair Folk, the Tylwyth Teg, who reside in this world as well as in the Otherworld.

Halting, and reversing, the impact of consumerism and global capitalism, is the duty of the Druids, and it is right to join with Gwyn ap Nudd. It will also be the duty of the Druids to help our societies cope with the trauma that this will necessarily involve. An age of abundance is ending. The individualism, and affluence, it has enabled is also ending, and for many people their entire perception of self and society is going to have to go through a very painful adjustment. 

This will be no easy struggle. As warriors of old would check the sharpness of their blades, oil their armour to remove rust, and ensure their steeds were well-conditioned, we too must ensure that we are ready – mentally, spiritually, physically.

The legends of the Welsh tell us who Gwyn ap Nudd is. Only the best warrior will have his support. Only the prepared traveller will pass through his realms safely. His court hosts the best craftsmen, the best poets, the best musicians, the best intellects. His table serves only the best food and wine. He will drive the weak mad. 

To honour Gwyn ap Nudd, I must seek to be the best that I can be.

I must:

  • surround myself with the best people, and exert myself to be worthy of such company;
  • surround myself, to the extent that I am able, with the finest things; not for the sake of luxury or ostentation, but because I demand the best;
  • I must have pride in myself, and have earned that pride.

I must:

  • be bold, and prepared to face such challenges as arise;
  • be physically fit, strong, and agile;
  • be curious, mentally resilient, and flexible in my thought;
  • seek to ever increase my knowledge and my grasp of culture.

I must:

  • honour the Gods, my ancestors, my community, and those from the Otherworld;
  • maintain spiritual discipline and regular ritual.

I must:

  • honour, respect and defend the forests, and the Tree People from whom they are formed;
  • seek to maintain balance between the Three Peoples: humanity, the Tree People, and the Tylwyth Teg.


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