Hanwei Celtic Sword

celtic sword

The Hanwei Celtic Sword is described as having “an anthropomorphic hilt and leaf-shaped blade“. Other Celtic swords on the market have hilts which are clearly anthropomorphic, and of course I can see why this one is so described. However, if we look at the hilt in more detail:

celtic sword hilt


Well, to me, I see the waning moon, the dark moon, the waxing moon, and the full moon depicted. Quite the sword for a druid, perhaps. Useful for declaring peace at an Eisteddfod, or meditating upon Nuada’s sword.

Can a druid bear a sword? That’s for another entry.

As for this…. nice. I’d like one. Unfortunately, there are other things to spend my money on now, so this will have to remain an aspiration…

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